Are you protected?

Is it necessary that your roofing contractor be insured? If they are not and there is an accident the customer becomes liable. General Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance can be obtained by anyone. Does this insurance cover roofing? Roofing Contractors insurance is approximately 3 times higher than General Contractors insurance. In turn this increases a Roofing Contractor’s labor cost by 2 times. That is why you see many contractors using a name such as "Jim Jones General Contracting". If they are not strictly roofing contractors they do not have to pay the higher insurance rates.

This can cause a problem if there is ever a claim on a roofing accident. In addition, auto insurance is necessary if the contractor has their vehicles on your property. See a sample insurance policy of any roofer you want near a ladder or parked in your driveway.

View the New York State requirements and a sample insurance binder that any roofer you want on your roof must possess.  Click here to download PDF Example

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